What is the difference in a lawyer and a law practitioner? An attorney, or more accurately an attorney-in fact, is a licensed member in the legal professions who represents clients in legal court when defending or plening for a case. Attorney is a term that can be used to describe any licensed lawyer in the United States.

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Montana law requires lawyers to register with the Office of the Attorney Discipline Counsel. This requirement prevents lawyers from practicing law without a license. Clients could be defrauded. Before they can practice law in Montana, attorneys must be registered with this office. Montana law requires that all lawyers have valid licenses. To practice law in Montana, contact a local attorney to arrange a consultation.

After graduating from lawschool and passing the state bar examination, attorneys are required to take a National Bar Examination (also known as the NCLEX–A). State requirements vary depending on the law school. Some states require lawyers to be admitted as barristers before they are allowed to practice law. You must pass the state bar examination if you plan to become an attorney after you have completed law school. You will be allowed to practice law in Montana once you have passed the bar examination.

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